Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Undo Send in Gmail

Gmail has hidden features called Labs. They are not really hidden but they must be turned on by the user. They are intended to make the user's experience better by offering some extras that regular Gmail users might be confused by or dont want. Labs are billed as experimental features. Some Labs are written and maintained by Google and others are created by 3rd party developers. Google warns that Labs may crash without warning at anytime. This warning is comical to me because in the 9 years that I have used Gmail, the Labs that I have turned on have experienced zero crashes.

This post will show you how to turn on the Lab: Undo Send

This one is particularly important to me mainly because I have a tendency to jump the gun and send before proofreading. Undo Send will allow you to undo a sent message up to 30 seconds after the user hits send. Here is how to set it up.

  • Navigate to the settings gear

  • Click settings from the drop down menu
  • Click Labs in the settings page as shown

  • Scroll down or search for Undo Send in the Labs section
  • Enable Undo Send

  •  Click save changes

  •  Click General at the top of the settings page to select the time interval that undo send will operate in. 

  • Scroll down until you see the Undo Send settings drop down and click time of cancellation period

 Click Save

After clicking save changes, messages will now delay sending to recipients for the allotted interval up 30 seconds. At the top of the screen in Gmail the image below will appear directly after you click send.

Click Undo to undo send. 

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