Friday, January 13, 2017

Chromebooks and G Classroom in Math?

Special Guest Post by Mrs. Mosier

But How Can I Use Chromebooks
in My Math Classroom?

Here are just a few ideas about how math teachers can use Google Chromebooks in their classes.

  1. Download these Google apps and/or extensions onto your chromebook to use with lessons.
  • Geogebra (and the Exam extension)
  • Desmos (graphing calculator)
  • Wolfram alpha (and has a website)

2. Use these websites to learn and perform interactive activities.
  • Woot Math (for pre-algebra readiness, probably grades 3-7)
  • (has interactive games)
  • (good videos and interactive activities)
  • (has interactive games)
  • (good teaching videos)
  • (very interactive way to assess for learning)
  • (very interactive and you can create quizzes and study index cards for vocabulary)
  • (basically teaches any course for you and gives them practice along with help in trouble areas)
  • (parts are free but you get more when you pay for the services)
  • There are also lots of sites where students can take practice ACT assessments such as
3. The following are examples of how I use my Google account.
  • In Google Docs I create notes for the lessons. I use my Mobi pad to write and draw (since I teach Geometry) on the notes when first presenting a lesson, but then I can share the notes with students as well. This is helpful to students who are absent and it is an easier way to give my notes to students that have it written in their IEP accommodations that they get a copy of my notes instead of copying them from the screen.
  • Students can create Google Slides of their math vocabulary and present them to the class.
The most useful though are Google Forms and Google Classroom.
  • Google Forms can be used to create quizzes, tests, and/or surveys. The best part is that the results are placed in a Google Sheet for you which decreases teacher workload.
  • Any website, Google Doc, Google Form, etc that I choose can be linked in Google Classroom so that students have only one place to look for the work I assign them. However, I mainly use it to announce the homework for each day. That way students never have to come to me for their missed work when they are absent. They can look online. It also serves as a reminder for those that were present.

4. If your school uses ebooks then teachers can use the interactive tools there and make assignments within the site.

5. Finally, I would recommend you search and read the article by Alice Keeler called “60 Ways Math Teachers can use Google Classroom”. It has additional ideas on ways to use the Chromebooks in your math classrooms.