Thursday, September 4, 2014

Upload Lesson Plans into Google Drive

Lesson plans are hard to manage when your an administrator. They often create a headache for the admin team to categorize, review and offer feedback. At Westside High School we use a system of Google Drive folders. That works well for teachers and administrators.

First we created a shared Google Drive folder called HS Lesson Plans 2014-15.  In this folder every teacher has rights to upload their lesson plans. Each teacher is encouraged to read over the plans of other teachers and steal good ideas! It has created a space for collaboration. Teachers are even working together in their departments to plan together without having to meet in person.

Watch the video to see what we are doing with it.

Thank you Jacquie Burke for making the video. I would like to say I am one of her mentors, but I often learn more from her than she does me.

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Google Apps Meets Common Core