Monday, January 20, 2014

Hyperlink Search in Google Docs

The title of this post is confusing. Please keep calm and read on to get a grasp of what I am saying. This fact came to me from Susan Gilley an amazing edtech professional. Here is the down and dirty.

Taking notes at conferences and meetings can be a pain to share because the person taking notes does not really want to explain everything in the note itself. So it is a good idea to hyperlink certian words, phrases and names to websites or sources that would tell more about the particular person, place or thing that is being discussed. I like to do this by creating a Google Doc and sharing it with my teachers or other administrators while I am at the conference or meeting. They seem to like it because it gives them access to the same information that I am getting without being there.  In addition its a Google Doc so it is automatically updated every time I write a new note. No more resending updated versions of documents. If your new to Google Apps check out my book for educators Google Apps Meets Common Core. To link a piece of text to a website you would highlight it, then right click to reveal the link button as shown in the figure below.

This would reveal a box for the user to type in the URL. This is where the new feature is awesome. In the old way the user would have to open another tab, copy the URL and paste it into the hyperlink box. In the update any Google Doc can search for its own URL to place in the hyperlink text.

The figure above is showing the update. The user no longer has to paste in the address they want to link. Instead after you select link, like in the first figure, Google tries to guess what URL you were wanting and offers it up to you for selection. Also it searches your Google Drive to see if you were wanting to link any existing documents to this particular hyperlink. If none of these options are what you are looking for just type in a search term in the box and it will perform a Google Search for a matching link.

This type of linking is wonderful for students, teachers and administrators that are collaborating on projects.

Google Apps Meets Common Core