Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Naming Computer Carts

At Harrisburg Middle School we have 10 computer carts that hold everything to iPod touches to MacBook Air computers. As any middle school educator knows, boring for adults is exponentially boring for students. So one way to liven up the use if technology is to name your carts. I have a chemistry degree and I love science, even though I taught math before becoming the instructional technologist. So I am a space history/science fanatic. I even got to ride in the astronaut trainer plane on board the Northrop Grumman Weightless Flights of Discovery. Freaking awesome trip. I had a total of 6 min of weightlessness. Check it out at my YouTube channel By searching Michaeljoegraham on YouTube.

My students were excited and wanted to be a part of the naming process. This incidentally came right after my flight. We decided to go with space names.

5 of our carts are named after the space shuttles.


Other carts are named Ares and Apollo. Ares for the rocket and Apollo for the moon missions.

The point is to have fun and bring a little life to your COWs (computers on wheels)