Monday, December 17, 2012

Students Turn in Work Via Google Apps

Mr Biggers our 8th grade math teacher at Harrisburg Middle School uses Google Apps as a framework for his classes. He has created a shared folder with course modules that allow the student access to all course materials along with directions for the day's work. One problem he has came across is turning in assignments. At first he wanted each student to place student work created with Google Apps into a shared assignment folder. He quickly realized that once placed into the shared folder every student could see each others work. Not cool if the work contained feedback from the teacher in the form of inserting comments in Google Docs or if it was pertinent for the work not to be shared with the class.

Our solution was to create a Google Form that will collect the shared links of the students' work. For example, Maddie would complete a Google Presentation concerning the geometry lesson they were studying for a grade. Maddie would copy the unique link that allows her to share her presentation and place that link into a pre-made form  that collects each link. Maddie would paste the link into the form and press submit. Mr. Biggers will receive a spreadsheet of all of the students names and links to their assignment. When it is time for grading, Mr. Biggers will click the link of all of the students presentations in the spreadsheet and grade them inserting comments in Google Docs. The feedback will be automatically posed in the students Doc with a grade. This way no one sees the work of each student, except for the student and teacher.

Check out the video below to get an idea of this in action.

Access Mr. Biggers math course by the link here (shared folder with course modules)

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