Monday, November 26, 2012

Call Phone in Gmail

Believe it or not Google provides a telephone directly into every Gmail account. This is great for teachers because it allows the educator to have a personal telephone wherever they are signed into Gmail. Google allows calls and SMS text messages to phones located within the United States for FREE. Teachers at my school use it as their main form of parent contact. I have included a Google Spreadsheet called Parent Call Log that you are free to make a copy of to use as your own. 

Simply download the voice plugin at 

Remember your computer has to have a mic and speakers to work as a phone. (Mac and Chromebook users have them built in)

Teachers use the call phone feature of Gmail while having the log open in another browser tab to make notes as they talk. It is a great idea to share the spreadsheet with other teachers on the team, the principal, or keep it private. Follow the steps below to use the call phone feature. 

1. Login to Gmail (school or personal)

2. On the left side of Gmail click the button that looks like a phone to reveal the phone dialer

3. Enter a phone number to call (area code first) into the box

4. Press call 

The number that appears on the caller ID is a random number assigned by Google. To secure a private number for your visit This option will the you have a permanent number that you may give to parents. When someone calls your Google Voice number Gmail will ring, if you are not signed in the call is answered by your Google Voicemail and you are sent an email of the recording. 

For more step by step tutorials plus innovative ways to use Google Apps checkout my upcoming book from Corwin Press Google Apps Meets Common Core 

To SMS text a phone with your Google Voice number 
1. Place a number into the box below arrow 2
2. Click send SMS